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Tamara Danz Höfe


We have successfully developed the scrollytelling website experiance for Tamara Danz Hofe, a vibrant Berlin music hub,
situated in Oberbaum City.

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    Tamara Danz Höfe

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    Development, Animations, QA

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    Site Inspire

  • Design

    Moby Digg

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community-building project based in Berlin

The hub for the Berlin and international music scene offers studios, rehearsal rooms, record shops, clubs, and commercial spaces, fostering a vibrant community focused on growth and culture.

about project

interactive and engaging Storytelling

The intriguing background and origin story of the Tamara Danz Höfe project offered a fantastic chance for compelling narrative.

The website's journey unfolds through 13 individually crafted chapters, inviting users to explore all the project details in a seamless, one page scrolling experience.

Each chapter has a distinct composition built from animated elements that gracefully interact with the user's scroll, incentivizing to explore more. The main project design idea was centered around the effect of font weight change.


one page
great performance

Ensuring smooth animations through the whole scrollytelling experience was one of the main objectives. That’s why the website leverages high-performant animations from the GSAP suite, making use of GPU acceleration whenever possible.

We also employed canvas and webp images for the keyframe-based prerendered building overview animation. The variable font feature was leveraged for the font-weight animation effect.

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