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For Morning Runner, our team developed a Shopify-based e-commerce platform, taking on the challenge of seamlessly integrating necessary functionalities within the Shopify environment while preserving the brand's unique identity.

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    Morning Runner

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    Custom Shopify Theme

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    Hopa Studio

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Motion that brings brand to life

The Morning Runner website showcases an abundance of custom animations and illustrations, brought to life through frame-by-frame animations.


Shopify with all
the essentials

Among key Shopify integrations are product reviews, product subscriptions or a referral program, each of which offers unique benefits to both the brand and its customers.

Product subscription

The product subscription integration on the Morning Runner's Shopify-based platform is a valuable feature for customers who enjoy the brand's detox teas and want to ensure they never run out.

With the ability to purchase products for a one-time fee or set up a recurring subscription with delivery every one, two, or three months, customers can easily customize their ordering experience to fit their unique needs. This feature not only provides convenience for customers but also helps the brand maintain a steady stream of revenue.

Product reviews

Product reviews are an integral part of the Morning Runner's ecommerce platform, allowing customers to leave their honest feedback on individual products. This not only helps other potential customers make informed purchasing decisions but also helps the brand gauge the popularity and effectiveness of their products.

With the option to leave star ratings and written reviews, the platform's product review system provides valuable insights for both the brand and its customers.

Referral program

Finally, the referral program integration incentivizes customers to share the brand with their friends and family.

By offering discounts to customers who refer others to the site using a unique referral code, the brand can expand its reach while rewarding loyal customers for their support. This integration not only helps to increase the brand's customer base but also fosters a sense of community among its customers.

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