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Jetson by Mute

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We were responsible for development of a highly interactive and user-friendly product page for Jetson, an acoustic pod. The website was built using a headless approach and features a 3D configurator to enhance the user experience.

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    Mute Design

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    Development, Animations, QA, DevOps

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    Site Inspire, FWA Of The Day

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    Uniforma Studio

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building new
product page

Having worked with Mute before and having a solid understanding of their brand and product offerings, we were able to leverage our experience and expertise in creating new product page, while also having additional room for experimentation with the animations and integration of a 3D configurator.

Product page

Animations that caught attention

On the Jetson product page, we utilized a combination of parallax effects, pre-rendered frames, and 3D models to create attention-grabbing animations.

The website features a user-friendly contact form with the option of pre-order, making it easy for interested customers to take the next step towards purchasing.

Despite the considerable number of animations, careful optimization and development ensured that the site maintained exceptional performance and a seamless user experience.

3D configurator

Product with 3D configurator

3D product configurator allowed users to customize their acoustic pod experience by choosing from a variety of options such as size, color, or accessories. To achieve it, we utilized three.js and worked closely with the client to incorporate specially prepared 3D models.


Headless architecture for future-proofing

Due to the client's desire to develop and build new websites that could operate independently from one another, we recommended a headless approach. It allowed us to create a loosely coupled architecture where websites could remain separate while still utilizing a single content management system.

To meet these requirements, we chose Directus as the CMS, which the client greatly enjoyed working with and provided the necessary flexibility to manage content across all of their sites.

Client’s feedback - 5.0 on clutch

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“Owls Department are true experts in what they do. They offer the highest quality (...). In the process, they propose few options and let clients choose the most efficient one. They work quickly, are super precisely with deadlines and timing and they stick to. Definitely, a company to rely on.”

Beata Banaś,
Head of Marketing, Mute

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