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Trends in Web Design for 2024

Trends in Web Design for 2024

February's here, and we think it's about time to spill the beans on the coolest web design trends for 2024. We thought about it a lot and now we are ready to share our thoughts with you.

Minimalism and Maximalism

For some time now, we've been observing two main trends that developers and designers are fond of – absolute maximalism and eclecticism, as well as radical minimalism.

Pure minimalism – it’s all about keeping things super simple, using clean lines, clear colors, and toned images. It's like creating a digital space where everything serves a purpose which is being functional and useful. This philosophy prioritizes clarity, utilizing negative space strategically to guide the user's focus. It’s all about design that serves the user and provides him with lots of positive experience during each interaction with the product instead of getting him in the way.

On the flip side, there's maximalism – it's all about being bold and dynamic. Those websites embrace a bright and lively visual language, employing a riot of colors, patterns, and textures to captivate attention. They take inspiration from places like Instagram and TikTok, where quick and visual content rules the game. Additionally designers are starting to experiment even bolder with advanced animations and generative art. WebGL and language of shaders are knocking to the main stage. It's like a feast for your eyes with lots of interesting elements to explore on the webpage.

Of course, both can draw inspiration from each other, and intermingle, or they can completely confine themselves within their planned circles without sticking out beyond them.

Invisible and Intuitive

When you're tired after work, heading home on the tram, holding onto the handrail with one hand and scrolling persistently with the other, there is nothing worse than a slow-loading and lagging website.

As animations are great they shouldn’t affect speed of loading, responsiveness and good synchronization of the website. Interactive and moving elements may slow down the site and make users impatient. And guess what? People get annoyed if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, especially on their smartphones!

The biggest trend for the next few years is all about making users comfortable. Adding small, smooth animations helps users navigate through the website making the digital experience easy and intuitive. Creating a mobile-friendly design with these subtle animations is like giving users a smooth and enjoyable ride through your website.

Parallax and Interactive Design

Since scrolling has already been mentioned, let's dive deeper – it's already a trend! Instead of cramming all the info at the top of a webpage, you can make it like a little world that unfolds as you scroll. It can be like a story that keeps going in any direction you want.

This allows for a flexible presentation of information, avoiding potential overload, but most importantly, it ensures the swift capture and retention of the user's attention – something you value the most.

Seamless interactive elements encourage users to engage with specific parts of the page – every click, scroll, and interaction is highly desirable. Just remember, moderation is key! If you start feeling dizzy during the design process, rest assured the same will happen to the people visiting your website.


Typography is getting a lot of love these days, and there's this friendly competition between text and graphics. Whether you're into keeping things simple or going all out, this trend has you covered.

You can play with big, fancy fonts or add some cool animations to your text. It's like a playground for creativity. For the fans of minimalism, a bold font on the homepage can do the trick. Those who love a bit of chaos can dive into gradients. They have the ability to create the illusion of motion design without actually employing it.

If you're more into pictures, go big! Not in terms of quantity, but in size. This works exceptionally well for product images, such as furniture. It's all about grabbing and keeping your visitor's attention.

Nostalgic Feel
Designers are taking a trip down the memory lane, getting inspired by the vibrant colors of the 80s and the simple vibes of the early 2000s. They're mixing it in a futuristic touch. Sometimes very much out of "Blade Runner" style.

Picture this: kinda fuzzy graphics, glassy looks, and a bunch of colors hanging out together. It's like a mix of old-school imperfection with a dash of the future. Think holograms and space vibes.

In reference to the beginnings of the internet, we can also pay attention to frames – simply placing content in designated, organized places within borders and lines. This trend can be seamlessly combined with brutalism, whose popularity has not disappeared for some time.

Oh, and don't forget the little details that catch users eye, like hand-drawn sketches, doodles, and detailed ornaments. All these bits can make a website stand out.

Web Designing the way through 2024

The trends in web design for 2024 are like a mix of old and new, keeping up with the changes in technology. It might seem like things stay the same, but they're always evolving to fit our needs. What's cool is the blend of looking back at the past with a touch of excitement for the future.

It's not just about how things look; there's also a shift in how designers think. Now, they're all about flexibility and freedom, making the creative process more interesting. Web design is like a journey through different styles and ideas, adapting to the ever-changing online world.

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